What is it?

12-module training program

Who is it for?

Members of the African, Caribbean and Black (ACB) community in Ottawa

How long does it take?

6–12 weeks

How much does it cost?

Register for the course for free

We developed the Peer Equity Navigator (PEN) program in partnership with Canadians of African Descent Health Organization (CADHO). It’s a peer-driven health education and practice changing initiative that aims to close health equity gaps in disadvantaged communities by empowering individuals to become community health advocates and change makers.

Building upon the AVA project, we developed a training program that enables PENs to advocate for individuals as they navigate the healthcare system.

PENs support, advocate for, and empower members of the ACB community in healthcare settings. Once trained, PENs connect with hard-to-reach areas of the ACB communities by speaking with individuals at community health organizations, shopping malls, faith-based organizations, and AIDS service organizations.

The project roll-out has three phases:

  • 1
    In Phase 1, we rolled out the program through in-person training in the Ottawa region.
  • 2

    We are currently working on Phase 2, which is to develop 12 online learning modules, which will be rolled out later in 2024 to a provincial audience.

  • 3
    Phase 3 will see the program expand to a national audience.

The course is structured so that each module builds upon the knowledge gained in preceding modules. However, learners may have different objectives and context, so we encourage exploration of modules in the order that best suits individual needs.

Upon completion of all learning activities, participants will receive a certificate, acknowledging their achievement and commitment to advancing health equity within ACB communities.