The CO-CREATH lab engages in a wide range of research projects aimed at addressing marginalization and health inequity in various contexts. By actively involving community members with lived experience in our research topics and partnering with researchers worldwide, we strive to generate new knowledge and develop innovative solutions to complex problems.

Through pillar 2, knowledge production (KP), our team engages with the communities and individuals we serve to design research and produce new knowledge. We collaborate to frame research questions, implement and evaluate the research process.

This knowledge informs a variety of resources, including videos, fact sheets, reports, presentations, articles, short films and webinars.

To learn more about our community-based participatory research process, please visit our About page.

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Production Projects by:

A/C Study
HIV monitoring, surveillance and knowledge mobilization (KMb) among African, Caribbean and Black (ACB) people in Ontario

Status: Completed
APCI 1.0 Project
ACB Community PHAC-funded COVID-19 Impact Rapid Assessment of the Impact of COVID-19 on Access to Sexually Transmitted and Blood- borne Infection Related Services in African, Caribbean, and Black communities in Canada.

Status: Completed
APCI 2.0 Project
Strengthening organizational capacity for health research, data management and knowledge mobilization in ACB communities across Canada

Status: Active
AVA: ACB Vaccine Acceptance Project
Increase confidence, uptake and access to the COVID-19 vaccine for ACB communities in the National Capital Region

Status: Completed
Strengthening community capacity for HIV prevention and care among African Caribbean and Black (ACB) women in Ontario: Interdisciplinary community-based participatory research initiative (CADWO)

Status: Active
CAPP 1.0 Project
Advancing Healthcare for COVID-19 in Ontario: Strengthening providers’ capacity for best practices in African, Caribbean, and Black (ACB) communities.

Status: Completed
CAPP 2.0 Project
Strengthening the capacity of service providers to reduce the impact of COVID-19 on African, Caribbean, and Black communities in Ontario

Status: Active
OHTN-HIV Chair Project
Optimizing HIV and health services for Canadians of African Descent (CAD) women: A multi-sectoral and innovative approach to capacity building

Status: Active
The CRAIF Project
Infant Feeding Among Black Women Living with HIV: A Community-Based Participatory Research

Status: Completed
Aimed to reduce HIV vulnerabilities and promote resilience through meaningful engagement of self-identified heterosexual ACB men.

Status: Completed